Our vision

GeoWatch Labs believes that rightfully leveraging the colossal amount of data Earth Observation (EO) satellites provide in real-time is of utmost utility for private and public decision-makers, allowing to accurately temporally and locally monitor key metrics. However, monitoring the right metric for a given issue is often complex, hence most solutions rely on correlated indicators, providing only a partial and blurred view of the solution.

GeoWatch Labs intends to go the extra mile and moves back from the solution to the EO data.

About us

Thibaut Humbert, CEO

Thibaut's expertise is on quantification of risk profiles and derivation of early warning systems for disasters.
He holds master degrees in financial engineering (Columbia University) and in applied mathematics (Ecole Centrale Paris).

Simon Cazals, CTO

Simon is an engineer by training, with a strong focus on machine learning and algorithmic.
He holds master degrees in statistics (Stanford University) and in applied mathematics & computer science (Ecole Centrale Paris).

Contact us

Incubated at Station F5, Parvis Alan Turing, Paris 13e , France